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List of Items Patients CAN and CANNOT bring


  • 1)       3-5 Days worth of comfortable clothes, shoes and sleeping attire-no clothes advertizing drugs, alcohol, violence and shirts must have sleeves, (washers and dryers available for patient’s use)

  • 2)       Personal hygiene items (no alcohol in the first 3 ingredients)

  • 3)       Clippers, curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers that are in good working condition and only used by the client.

  • 4)       ALL MEDICATIONS, in original bottles with labels (insurance and prescription card)

  • 5)       Envelopes, paper and stamps if they want to write home

  • 6)       Money for payphone, cigarettes, and vending machine

  • 7)       Cigarettes, if they are a smoker

  • 8)       Spiritual or recovery related reading materials



  • 1)       NO pagers, cell phones, radios, videogames, IPODS, MP3, or electronics of any kind

  • 2)       NO Listerine, or anything with alcohol in the first 3 ingredients

  • 3)       NO magazines or novels that are not recovery or spiritual related

  • 4)       NO  food or drinks

  • 5)       NO drugs/alcohol or paraphernalia

  • 6)       NO knives, guns or weapons of ANY kind

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