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Admissions Planning
The first step in the admissions process is to call and speak with an Admissions Representative, or fill out our Initial Contact Form and fax it in.  It is important that our Admissions Representative speak with the individual who is seeking admission into our program so that we can obtain accurate information regarding their substance use, medical and mental health disorders, and treatment history.

Once an admission date is scheduled, it is time to consider what you should bring with you.  It is recommended that you bring comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, as there will be times that you are in and out of adjacent buildings.  Patients are allowed to bring small amounts of cash that can be used to buy snacks from our vending machines.
Here are some things you CANNOT bring:
  1. Purses, luggage, or book bags
  2. Drugs/alcohol or paraphernalia
  3. Knives, guns, or weapons of ANY kind
  4. Linens, pillows, or stuffed animals
  5. Electronics of any kind, including cell phones, radios, video games, IPods, MP3 Players, CD players, computers, and tablets
  6. Aerosol cans/sprays
  7. Items containing alcohol in the first 3 ingredients, this includes but is not limited to: mouthwash, aftershave, cologne, and food items
  8. Nail polish or nail polish remover
  9. Magazines or novels that are not recovery or spiritual related
  10. Movies
  11. Pornography
  12. Outside food or drink
  13. E-cigarettes or vapes
  14. Scissors, tweezers, manicure kits, keys, or sewing kits

Useful items to bring:
All personal hygiene products must be placed in one large plastic bag.  Patients are limited to ONE  large plastic bag.  No luggage is permitted for infection control reasons. 
  1. 7 days of comfortable clothing, shoes, and sleeping attire.  **Limited to one large plastic bag.  No luggage is permitted.  No clothing advertising drugs, alcohol, or violence is permitted.  Clothing should not be provocative or tight fitting.  Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.  Shirts must have sleeves and cover mid driff (no tank tops).  We provide washers, driyers, and laundry detergent for patient use.
  2. Personal hygiene items can have no alcohol in the first 3 ingredients.  All toiletries and personal items must be in a plastic bag. 
  3. Makeup must be in a gallon size Ziploc bag.
  4. Clippers, curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers that are in good working condition are allowed.  
  5. All medications in original bottles with labels, in addition to your insurance and prescriptions cards. 
  6. Envelopes, paper and stamps.
  7. Money for cigarettes and vending machine.  We suggest no more than  $25.
  8. Cigarettes must be in sealed packages.  Extra packs can be locked in a cabinet. 
  9. Spiritual and/or recovery related reading material.  
All medications must be in their original bottles with proper labeling.  Incorrectly bottled, mislabeled medications or misplaced medications that we are unable to refill could result in delayed admission.   
Additional information:
Patients are not permitted to drive themselves to our campus.  You must have someone drive you to our campus on the day of your admission and should plan on obtaining transportation on the day of discharge.  
If you leave prior to completing our program you will be responsible for obtaining transportation on the day of discharge.  
For more information about admission into one of our programs, please call 410-219-9000.

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